Client 1: Construction Industry

Issue: 20-year-old business. Owners lost track of business goals, clarity on changes in their clients and their industry which caused the business to evolve into a “lifestyle” business. Revenue down nearly 80%.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan. Focused plan to regain clarity; improve communications; time management and task prioritization; re-established personal/business goals; leadership training; improved accountability.
Result: $3.5 million to $4.2 million in less than five years.

Client 2: Commercial Landscaping Industry

Issue: Start-up company in a highly competitive industry. Young, inexperienced owner and young staff with high turnover. No management plan, no discipline, no leadership.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan. Executive coaching as well as Leadership team coaching focused on foundational elements including: leadership; accountability; goals; establish metrics so everyone knew what “good looks like”.
Result: $1.5 million to $13 million in four years.

Client 3: Financial Planning

Issue: Client was doing well but could not find any way to get to the next level. Had been working 80 hours a week for 20 years. He was a great financial planner and advisor but had not skills as an entrepreneur businessman or business manager.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan that included: Sales training in all phases; marketing plan development that would be acceptable to compliance; business development plan; communication training.
Result: Client’s income doubled, assets under management tripled in one year.

Client 4: Professional Realtor

Issue: Client was a great realtor and an average business person/entrepreneur. He and his wife were working very hard, spending lots of hours but working in a way that the industry has always taught. They used a “realty” coach who was well known, however, all the “coaching” was teaching them to be a better realtor rather than a better business person. Most of the “coaching” was focused strictly on accountability reporting. They knew that they could sell more and make more, they just didn’t know how to do it without working more!
Solution: I created a business coaching program specifically for the team that focused on foundational business issues (communication training; priority management; powerful marketing clarity program; Guerilla Marketing strategy plan; business planning), moving quickly into advanced Goal Setting, visioning, strategy and intangible selling methods and strategies.
Result: Sales tripled, income doubled and all was accomplished in less time per week. This resulted in a solid business foundation designed for growth and the long haul.

Client 5: Manufacturing

Issue: Client was highly profitable and very successful. However, he believed that if he ever left for a few days let alone a vacation that the business would fall on ruin. In other words, he believed that only he could keep it going and he couldn’t trust any of his managers or employees. The result was that he had not taken a vacation in seven years and never with his family.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan based on a review of all foundational business practices and skills; leadership training; development of metrics and benchmarks for all departments and a very strong emphasis on clear goal development; and, communication skills development and improvement Goal was to set a date for a vacation in 90 days and take a vacation in 180 days.
Result: Client realized that he business in fact, could survive and thrive without him. Vacation date goal achieved in 60 days and a vacation taken in 120 days. The quality of the owner’s life, his family and all employees lives improved dramatically.

Client 6: Self Storage

Issue: Client was a manager in the Self Storage Industry. The issue was to increase revenue.
Solution: Customized coaching plan included plan to increase revenues by implementing sales process, networking excellence, and training development
Result: Client resulted in a 23% increase in revenues.

Client 7: Website Development and Advertising Products

Issue: Client was eager to start his own business and move out of the corporate world. He struggled with sales process, organization, and priority management. His biggest issue was confidence in himself and closing the sale
Solution: A customized plan was developed to build his foundation. He focused on a plan to improve communication, sales process, network excellence, and priority management.
Result: Client went from $0 per month on average to $3000 per month in 6 months. He is now ready to quit his corporate job and become a full time entrepreneur.

Client 8: Dental Practice

Issue: Client was a great dentist but struggled with the business and marketing side of building his practice. He was spending $110,000 per year in marketing… that was not working and he knew it wasn’t working but he didn’t know what else to do and how to do it. Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan focusing on achieving complete and in some cases “updated” clarity on all phases of the business. Including, current customer; who should the customer be; how do the customers access information; selling new customers; finding new customers; marketing messages; web site and social media opportunities and much more. Result: Eliminated wasted marketing dollars by understanding his customer better. Marketing budget cut by $100,000 and at the same time business grew by 42% in the first year.

Client 9: Construction (Start up Business/ Entrepreneur)

Issue: Client was an entrepreneur, with a small business in the start-up mode in year two of the business. It had done well, but seemed it had stalled at $600,000 in revenue. This was a number that had already exceeded the expectations of the owner/entrepreneur. His mindset was now of frustration and he didn’t know what to do or if he could continue to grow his business. Solution: A customized Business Coaching program was developed, focusing on building confidence in the owner and then his staff. Clarity in the business concerning where it was currently and what it’s real potential was essential. We initiated a program of shoring up the foundational elements of the business including business structure; business plan; short term and long term goals; time and priority management; marketing plan development and leadership training. Result: Sales and sales opportunities soared. They moved from their cramped facility to a new building with room for growth. They added services and new products, while eliminating others. The staff has more than doubled in a year and revenue went from $600,000 to nearly $5.2 million in our first full year. Even better, through the results of new marketing strategies we are projecting a 4x growth in 2017.

Client 10: Small Branding/ Marketing Agency

Issue: A small branding/marketing agency produced incredibly great, creative and award winning product, but the owner and the one other full time and one part time employee were uncomfortable in implementing a sales and marketing process for their own business. Thus, they solely relied on business that was referred to them by other agencies and friends. Solution: We created a custom business coaching program that would simplify and help them, when implemented, do the sales, networking and marketing follow-up functions that they knew they needed to do but now in a way that they actually felt comfortable and enjoyed doing. Result: In the first full year of coaching, business leads have tripled and revenues will more than double, going from about $140,000 to nearly $300,000.

Client 11: Insurance

Issue: Independent insurance agent working for a large independent firm in a huge metro market. The firm specializes in commercial/ business insurance and has over thirty agents. The client was one of those agents and had a strong background in the industry and a very smart guy. Problem was that the traditional requirements of the job, an industry standard approach, were to make a large amount of cold sales calls. This approach was something that he was very uncomfortable doing, to a point that he was thinking about folding the business if it wasn’t for the investment in time and money that he had made. Solution: We created a customized business coaching program that focused on helping the client do what he needed to do, when he needed to do it but in a way that he enjoyed and felt comfortable doing. This included learning a new prospecting and sales process that focused on building a 10X referral process through known Champions. Result: Sales exponentially exploded with unprecedented personal sales growth, giving him new confidence and leadership credibility. He now is the acting President of the company.

Client 12: Small Business Owner ( Under $1,000,000)

Issue: The client is a small business owner, in business for a little over 15 years. He had done well but had stagnated with no growth for several years. He was tired and frustrated and without purpose. He was not aggressive in finding new clients and basically waited for them to come to him. He was asking himself why he wanted to continue. He saw no future and was questioning his legacy, if he had really made any difference. He was concerned that he would turn 60 and have not much more than when he had started. Solution: Our customized business coaching program focused on one thing, CLARITY! He had no focus on the future and no goals, personal or business. We focused on getting clarity on every level of his business and creating a process for every level. This particularly involved a marketing process and a sales process which included a foundational selling process and a simple plan to ask for referrals. We developed an ACQUISITION program and a RETENTION program. In addition, we created a tracking process which allowed him to know at any given moment what his business was accomplishing. Result: First year program doubled business with projections on growing business over 10x in the next 3 years. We’re currently finalizing a five-year plan with projections and very clear goals. He finally has a horizon and a purpose.

Client 13: Family Owned Business (Medium Sized)

Issue: Business stagnation due to constant in fighting by family members which resulted in a ‘hostile’ work environment. The result was a complete lack of internal communication; teamwork and leadership. It was crisis driven and process oriented. The environment was negative; combative and unhealthy and after a time it began to seriously effect sales; productivity and the ability to keep good employees.

Solution: We created an immediate action plan to sit everyone down in an ownership/family position and ‘force’ them to identify an agreeable organizational chart with clear lines of communication. Then we focused on putting out as many of the “fires” within the company as we could and implementing a strong program of improved communication, trust and pride exemplified in all family members and then to all employees.

Result: Slowly but surely the negativity stopped which was predicated by the need for one of the managing family members to leave the organization. Sales grew, pride in employment returned and their reputation was saved. It is however an on-going project! But they now have a plan.

Client 14: Family Owned Business ( Large)

Issue: Million-dollar family owned corporate business was growing despite itself. Each family member managed a location or a division of the business. Over time the business was an industry steamroller, but their lack of progressive tracking systems; goals and innovative business plans was strangling their long term potential. Solution: We implemented a process to systematically review their foundational business plan and to get buy in company/family wide to create an innovative, forward looking enhanced business plan focusing on fixing the cracks in their current system and implementing new programs and systems. Also, an emphasis was put on pricing models and sales skills, particularly in hiring more qualified sales teams. Result: With this program, revenue growth was nearly instantaneous. The system focused on how to close a higher percentage of existing sales opportunities in hand with how to command a higher average sale. This was followed by how to attract new sales opportunities by implementing a more effective marketing program.

Client 15: Small Business Owner

Issue: This small business owner was working 16+ hours per day, seven days a week. The business was doing well but at the cost of his health; his family and his relationships. He was frustrated and tired and about to give up. Solution: We created a customized business coaching plan for him which initially focused on training to give him skills on prioritizing everything that he did every day. Then, simply managing his time by only doing his high priority tasks, versus trying to do everything. Additional focus was placed on Goal Setting and achieving the highest level of clarity on every aspect of his business through my business coaching Business Clarity module. Result: Incredible, life changing results! Through the task prioritization skills training the client gave himself back the equivalent of nearly twenty weeks of improved time efficiency. He saved nearly 12 hours per week just on eliminating one low priority weekly task. That’s over 144 hours a year in time savings. He has used this time to open three additional business locations.

Client 16: Realtor

Issue: The client was a very successful realtor who had gained prominence through his good looks, hard work and personality. But as time passed, good looks, hard work and personality wasn’t getting him to the levels that he dreamed about. He was a great specialist but not a very good businessperson. Solution: We created a customized business coaching program primarily focused on “street-fighting” sales techniques, giving him a system and program to follow. The program included a prospecting system designed for “out of the box” thinking compared to traditional real estate prospecting; dealing with objections and closing techniques. Result: The client stabilized his business and developed skills and systems that positioned him to be a long term real estate sales professional.

Heading 17: Franchisee

Issue: The client was a franchisee of a business that required lots of cold sales calls; door to door, business to business selling. He paid nearly $100,000 in total investment. The provided training was minimal as was ongoing support. He learned that without the support, he would created himself a job. He was a great worker/technician but was terrible as a business person (entrepreneur) and a manager. Solution: We created a program to help him identify the skills he needed or he needed to hire for. We implemented a systematic program of “business education” and established foundational systems to protect his business investment and his dream. Result: The client relaxed and grew in confidence. He hired a general manager as he learned how to be a business leader. The business has consistently grown to become a steady and thriving entity within its’ business segment.

Heading 18: Corporate Executive

Issue: The client had been very successful as a corporate business executive. He dreamed of leaving the rat race and starting a business and finally working for himself. He took the leap. What could go wrong. He had made high six figures in corporate. He had traveled the world. He was a VP of his company. The one thing he had never been was a true entrepreneur. He had always had budgets; a large sales staff reporting to him; a marketing department reporting to him and lots of support staff. On his own, he had none of that. Corporate success did not transfer to entrepreneurial success. He was frustrated; disappointed; disillusioned and low on confidence. We created a customized business coaching program focusing on the foundational recipe of success for any business as well as proven and simple to implement systems. The plan included communication skills; time and priority management system; selling skills; a low cost/high value marketing system; accounting systems; CRM and staff evaluation and assessment tools. Result: This business has doubled revenues every year and it is now on a fast track for growth. The key was based on the owner’s passion for his business and the willingness to be coached.

Client 19: Corporate CEO

Issue: The CEO of a major corporation found himself in an unexpected situation. He discovered that success has its downside as well. He had succeeded to very high levels, but what isn’t taught in business school is that success can be very lonely as well. He found himself in a situation where he didn’t have anyone to talk to. He couldn’t speak with is spouse; or his board members; or his team; or employees. He had no sounding board or “devils advocate”. Solution: I live by an oath of confidentiality at the highest level. I created a business coaching program with the CEO that included a flexible format and curriculum of business focused conversations. I acted as a sounding board and trusted advisor. Result: The executive flourished. Through our conversations, I provided a point of view; an opinion and a challenge when appropriate. He made better decisions and grew in confidence. When a specific issue presented itself, we would focus on that issue until it was satisfactorily resolved.

Client 20: Start up Business (General Goods and Services)

Issue: The reason why over 85% of all startup businesses, close business within two years is that they have no clarity and no clear plan. My client was one of them. They fell into the typical trap of starting a business that they liked doing and knew something about, but they had no idea whatsoever about how to run the business and to be an entrepreneur, which usually translates into sales and marketing. (This same situation and model also applies to most if not all “service” professional categories, like: Financial advisors; Chiropractors; Dentists; Legal professionals; Realtors, etc.) Solution: I created a customized business coaching program focused on the basic foundational principle of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurs Program is an intensive and focused business coaching program focused on helping the client think through; create and implement the “basic recipe” for entrepreneurial success. This includes, CLARITY Module
Visioning Process
Goal Setting
Sales Training
Marketing plan development
Priority and Time Management
Hiring right and more! Result: Once the initial customized plan was complete we attacked the implementation and learning aspect. It required lots of work, effort, focus and patience. Together we properly rolled out his business and was profitable in record time breaking all goals and expectations in the first year and are now on pace to outperform the entire market.

Client 21: Direct Sales (MLM)

Issue: Client was successful but was stuck on a rut. He knew he could be more successful, but did not know how to reach the next level. He was discouraged, frustrated, and ready to call it quits! He was working over 60 hours a week and was making only $1200 per month in sales. He had been successful in sales in other industries but now he just was not able to generate enough weekly leads and appointments to make end meet. Solution: We created a customized business coaching plan that included: Priority Management training; The Sales Communication Blueprint sales process workshop; DISC communication training; the Business Clarity module; and a focused training curriculum for his current and future team/staff. Result: Sales doubled in the first month of the coaching program. The client now has a renewed outlook on his career and his business. He has renewed belief and hope that he will reach levels of success greater than he ever imagined, and his FocalPoint of Arizona business coach gives him a trusted advisor that will walk alongside him in every step of his business and personal growth journey.