Success Stories

Client 1: Construction Industry

Issue: 20-year-old business. Owners lost track of business goals, clarity on changes in their clients and their industry which caused the business to evolve into a “lifestyle” business. Revenue down nearly 80%.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan. Focused plan to regain clarity; improve communications; time management and task prioritization; re-established personal/business goals; leadership training; improved accountability.
Result: $3.5 million to $4.2 million in less than five years.

Client 2: Commercial Landscaping Industry

Issue: Start-up company in a highly competitive industry. Younmg, inexperienced owner and young staff with high turnover. No management plan, no discipline, no leadership.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan. Executive coaching as well as Leadership team coaching focused on foundational elements including: leadership; accountability; goals; establish metrics so everyone knew what “good looks like”.
Result: $1.5 million to $13 million in four years.

Client 3: Financial Planning

Issue: Client was doing well but could not find any way to get to the next level. Had been working 80 hours a week for 20 years. He was a great financial planner and advisor but had not skills as an entrepreneur businessman or business manager.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan that included: Sales training in all phases; marketing plan development that would be acceptable to compliance; business development plan; communication training.
Result: Client”s income doubled, assets under management tripled in one year.

Client 4: Professional Realtor

Issue: Client was a great realtor and an average business person/entrepreneur. He and his wife were working very hard, spending lots of hours but working in a way that the industry has always taught. They used a “realty” coach who was well known, however, all the “coaching” was teaching them to be a better realtor rather than a better business person. Most of the “coaching” was focused strictly on accountability reporting. They knew that they could sell more and make more, they just didn’t know how to do it without working more!
Solution: I created a business coaching program specifically for the team that focused on foundational business issues (communication training; priority management; powerful marketing clarity program; Guerilla Marketing strategy plan; business planning), moving quickly into advanced Goal Setting, visioning, strategy and intangible selling methods and strategies.
Result: Sales tripled, income doubled and all was accomplished in less time per week. This resulted in a solid business foundation designed for growth and the long haul.

Client 5: Manufacturing

Issue: Client was highly profitable and very successful. However, he believed that if he ever left for a few days let alone a vacation that the business would fall on ruin. In other words, he believed that only he could keep it going and he couldn’t trust any of his managers or employees. The result was that he had not taken a vacation in seven years and never with his family.
Solution: Customized Business Coaching plan based on a review of all foundational business practices and skills; leadership training; development of metrics and benchmarks for all departments and a very strong emphasis on clear goal development; and, communication skills development and improvement Goal was to set a date for a vacation in 90 days and take a vacation in 180 days.
Result: Client realized that he business in fact, could survive and thrive without him. Vacation date goal achieved in 60 days and a vacation taken in 120 days. The quality of the owner’s life, his family and all employees lives improved dramatically.