What to look for in a Business Coach

If you are considering Business Coaching for your personal and business growth, we find that most business owners, entrepreneurs and executives have reviewed the business proposition of other coaching organizations as well.

Actually, we hope that you are reviewing other options, however, we are confident that Business Coach Bob Reish, partnered with FocalPoint Coaching International powered by Brian Tracy, offers the premier opportunity and the elite choice when compared equally. To that end, we would like to provide you with a checklist that will help you evaluate all options on an equal, “apples to apples” basis. This checklist ” What to look for in a Business Coach” covers all services, business issues, options and benefits that we find are consistent in a great investment.

” What to look for in a Business Coach

Are the coaches you’re interviewing actually a BUSINESS COACH? If you need the services of a great Business Coach, then the coach you choose must be a Certified Business Coach, not a life coach or a success coach or a “goals” coach. There are 70 or more variations of “coaches” and the word “Coach” is a title many people are recklessly using. Your Coach must be Certified and capable. Business Coach Bob is a Certified FocalPoint International BUSINESS COACH powered by Brian Tracy! Expect NO less!

BRAND: What is the brand that the business coach is supported by, OR, are they even backed by a powerful brand? FocalPoint International is recognized as one of the top Business coaching and corporate training organizations in the world. FocalPoint Coaching is Powered by the legendary Brian Tracy, the #1 brand for business and personal development in the world. In turn, Coach Bob has been logged over 12,500 coaching and training hours and has coached and trained thousands of professionals.

CONTENT and/or Curriculum: Does the coach have a plan supported by powerful libraries of content and curriculum, OR, do they just ask questions? Coach Bob has access to the most thorough and comprehensive business and personal development library in the world. Authored by Brian Tracy, the FocalPoint content represents over 60 months of coaching materials, held within five training modules. In addition, Coach Bob, through FocalPoint also has exclusive rights to the Corporate Training modules created by Brian Tracy Global with over 5 million graduates to date. Compare this to anyone else. We think that you’ll find it hard to find any competitor with any curriculum and content.

SYSTEM: Does the coach have a proven system that they follow, OR are they just “winging” it? With every investment of this kind, your business coach should rely on a plan, a foundational process and a proven system to achieve success for you. The FocalPoint coaching and business development system is proven across the world. Your investment includes the “system” and all elements of the system to help each client achieve their business and personal goals faster than they could ever do on their own.

TRAINING: How well trained is your coach? And are they even qualified to work with you and your needs? They should be world class with a solid background of proven success and be familiar with the foundational recipe of business. Coach Bob is a Brian Tracy Certified FocalPoint Business Coach who also commits to over 200 hours a year of additional and ongoing training.

SUPPORT: Does the Coach have any “team” of experts supporting their work with you? Do they have Team mates, consultants, experts that your coach has access to for additional opinions and strategy planning? They should! Coach Bob offers multiple layers of support through the worldwide FocalPoint International team of professional Business Coaches.

TEAM TECHNOLOGY UTILIZATION: Does the coach understand the issues and opportunities of technology and do they utilize it themselves? A good question to ask. In today’s fast pace and quickly changing business environment, clients and prospects should expect a business coaching partner to understand and utilize technology. FocalPoint Coaching International and Coach Bob has led the way in practice technology utilization in a number of ways.

ROI (Return on Investment): DOES the coach and their system (if they have one) include the art of being a World Class Listener? Coach Bob will thoroughly understand and listen to your needs from your point of view and then create a customized yet flexible curriculum program fit to helping the client achieve big wins early, whatever they are. Big wins early and consistently mean an early and replicable ROI.

Regardless, we believe that you will clearly understand, without a shadow of doubt that Business Coach Bob Reish and FocalPoint International Business Coaching and Training is your most logical choice and a fabulous and profitable business decision as well.

Review, compare and then let’s talk! You should always compare!