Danny Creed

Bob Reish is a great business coach. Bob works hard for every client he works with, large or small. More importantly he really, honestly cares about the individual success of each and every client, large or small. He listens and understands the clients needs then focuses on improving their life both professionally and personally based upon those specific needs. From complex issues to the basics Bob can understand and implement lasting change.

Brett Labit

Coach Bob is a wonderful man and wonderful professional. I have had the great pleasure of being in mastermind with him and learning his unique perspectives to help individuals and businesses achieve their highest and best. I highly recommend that you engage him in a discovery call and see what goodness can arise.

Tamra Young

Bob is a great motivator and is dedicated to helping his clients reach their goals. He is energetic, passionate, and caring. He is also ethical in his business philosophy and approach in making sure that everything he does and teaches is in the best interest of everyone.

Sonny Petkowski

I met Bob some years ago, when he was training salespeople for Banker’s Life. I was wow’d at his ability to keep people engaged, his depth of not only the sales process, but the psychology of selling too. Bob consistently provides knowledge for personal growth and reflection, and how it relates to all areas of your life. I look forward to seeing his posts, and thoughts of wisdom. Thanks Bob, and keep up the great work!!!

Bill Van Eron

I have worked with many of the consultants Fortune 100 companies hire and while Bob brings the strong skills and experience basis one hopes to get at that level; what I love about his approach is how consciously sensing and adaptable he is to making sure the basis of trust and relevance is a comfortable collaborative process. He lives and embodies the best way to establish effective value connections that are crucial for trusted client and coach relationships. This was clear as we shared weekly insights for a year on the growing set of challenges facing todays leaders; why they fail and how they can transform and succeed, All revealing why a new breed of business coach is a better fit. It’s clear to me that Bob Reish lives and breathes that model. I highly recommend him as your go to coach so as you embark to improve your leadership approach, team enablement and earn market regard, you have the support you really need.

Sharon Hughes

Andy Benjamin

Bob is one of the most intuitive and effective leaders that I know. He is able to breakdown the complex arithmetic of success into simple, doable, and achievable small bites. It is no wonder that his students are so successful. If you get a chance to work with Bob, do 2 things: 1) Thank your lucky stars 2) Do it as quick as possible You are closer to your dream results than you think!

Leslie Nielsen

Bob Reish is an absolutely amazing business coach! Before coaching with Bob my business was doing okay, but not great. I knew I had the skills to get my business to the next level, but I was still struggling to make it happen. By working with Bob, I’ve gained tremendous clarity, I’m working less hours per day and getting more done, I’m getting new customers faster than ever, he’s even showed me how to get lots of new clients without paying for leads or making cold calls. His methods are cutting edge and highly effective. Thank you coach Bob for helping me get my business to the next level so quickly

Leslie Nielsen
Advanced Web Developer | SEO Expert | Digital Marketer | Responsive Websites | Website Conversions

Vaugh Pyne

Charlie Walters

Mr. Reish is truly one of a kind. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this man has made in my business and in my life. I feel honored and blessed that Bob even agreed to coach me. He is simply the best! I would rank him up there with the greats, such as, John C. Maxwell. Nah, Bob’s better. If you are tired, like I was, of trying to take your business to the next level and coming up short, then Bob Reish is the coach you’ve been looking for. He doesn’t just talk the talk, He walks the walk. You see, Bob has a business coach as well. But a word of caution, he doesn’t just take anyone. You must be coachable and committed! That’s why I’m proud to say that Mr. Reish will be my Elite Business Coach for life!

Charlie Walter
Director & Independent Associate of LegalShield | President | Trusted Advisor | Investor | Farrier | Entrepreneur

Jordan J Harrison

Athena Webster

Bob inspires many by the way he executes his understanding of the product knowledge and his field experience. I admire his energy and his spirits to deliver complicated information in a very short period of time. He is a great coach and a supportive mentor. He encourages and provides excellent idea to support agents to develop their skills. Without a guide in Career, it’s like without oxygen in the air. Many thanks and bow to you, Bob!

Athena Webster
Financial Advisor

Kelly Johnson

Bob is a person who is a superior choice in coaching for several reasons. First, he has demonstrated commitment to an organization by showing longevity. Second he is a down to earth person who can work with people who are struggling in their field to encourage and make them better. Third, he has a variety of experiences to bring to an organization. Fourth, he is a man of faith who has integrity and character.

Kelly Johnson
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