Eternity Focused Coaching

Does Your Ministry need Reignited?

At EFC, we serve ministry professionals, pastors, clergy and lay servants by developing their ministries in accordance with Biblical Principles. Disciplines are instilled to reinforce consistency and excellence in all aspects of your ministries.

As you partner with EFC, together we will promote:

  • Affluency in Principles
  • Boldness in Beliefs
  • Consistency in Activity
  • Discipline in Thought

We provide interactive workshops, inspiring seminars and practical classes in, but not limited to:

  • Redeeming your Time (Priority Management)
  • QBE (Question Based Evangelism)
  • Discipleship Communication Techniques
  • Eternity Focused Goals
  • Servant Communication

About Coach Bob

A husband and father of two boys and one girl, Bob Reish is an inspiring individual who has touched the lives of countless people throughout his career as a business coach and trainer.

His wisdom and experience are clearly seen in the way he serves his clients and, in his keynotes, seminars, and workshops he leads.

Bob is considered a master trainer with over 15,500 training and coaching hours. Bob is referred to as the “go to” business coach. He has worked with thousands of professionals to date, in a variety of businesses and ministries.  He is passionate about helping people realize their pathway to significance by seizing every opportunity that lies before them.

Coach Bob is an ordained minister. With a background over 30 years in ministry, Bob’s passion for helping people has always been evident. Bob has developed and maintained ministries all over the country.

Many lives have been touched, from little children to senior adults. He has also been instrumental in helping people to achieve a greater level of satisfaction in their lives through one-on-one coaching and by speaking to small and large groups alike.

Bob’s personal approach to each person is customized and powerful. He gets results!

Coach Bob is also the author of “If you are Selling Cookies, I’m Interested!”.

Inviting Bob to come and speak would challenge each person to reach their potential, and achieve higher levels of significance in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives.

You can learn more about Coach Bob by visiting his LinkedIn page @

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