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How to Never be Late Again…

“Never arrive late to a meeting with a Starbucks in your hand.” — Bob Reish

We all have been late to an appointment at least once. Now all of us are thinking, “I know someone who is always late!” I agree… There is never a reason to be late without communicating.

The foundation of respect for others is respect for other people’s time. When we are intentionally late, the message is “You are not important.” What makes it even more disrespectful is when someone arrives 5 minutes late with a Starbucks in their hand. It shows even more disrespect. If you are unable to arrive on time, there is no excuse not to communicate.

Communication demonstrates respect. Life happens!

Communicate… Communicate… Communicate…

In the era of mass communication, we can make a phone call, text, email, LinkedIn, Facebook messenger, twitter, Instagram, and the list goes on. Most people are connected to at least one of these. When we fail to communicate, we are communicating disrespect. Respect is paramount to build relationships.

  • Keys to being on time:
  • Plan your day the night before.
  • Prioritize you day based on consequences.
  • Preparation, not Procrastination
  • Purpose to be on time (Lombardi Time!)

Respecting the time of others represents the value you see in them. If we respect their value, we will make the time count.

Be Great!

Business Coach Bob Reish