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What does a Great Leader Look Like?…How to be a Leader of Impact!

“Bad leader believe they have to project control at all times.” — Simon Sinek

What makes a great leader? Leaders come and go, leadership lasts forever. The effects of leadership will last generations. We see evidence of this in traditions, laws, principles and beliefs. Leaders are temporary while their impact will live long after they are past. This is seen in every aspect of our lives. Abraham Lincoln’s presidency changed the thread of how people understand human rights. Martin Luther King Jr. legacy forever changed the mindset of civil rights. Alexander Graham Bell spearheaded how communication is achieved even to this day.
Leaders come and go, leadership lasts forever.

Leadership enables future generations to carry the torch to generations beyond their reach. Although leadership may not always have a positive impact, there is always an impact. The choice of leadership is up to you. You choose to create an impact that will ripple through generations long after you are gone. You have a responsibility to leave a legacy which will provide a blueprint for success. Great leaders understand they are accountable and choose to accept it.

What does a great leader look like?

  • Great leaders develop leaders who learn to serve others. Weak leaders develop followers who learn to serve the leader.
  • Great leaders invest the future of others. Weak leaders require the investment of others.
  • Great leaders surround themselves with leaders stronger then themselves. Weak leaders are threatened with strong leaders.
  • Great leaders build legacies of significance. Weak leaders foster selfish memories.
  • Great leaders respect the time of others. Weak leaders are consistently late and unprepared.
  • Great leaders pursue excellence. Weak leaders settle for mediocrity.
  • Great leadership is a result of a decision to be significant in the growth of future leaders to inspire greatness.

A lack of accountability results in an example of complacency and entitlement. Great leadership is a discipline creating an urgency because we have an uncertain time we are on this earth. We may not know the time we have left, we can plant the seeds of significance in future generations. Great leadership is determined to be a positive impact.
Leadership enables future generations to carry the torch to generations beyond their reach.

Make today great!

Business Coach Bob Reish

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