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How your Thinking Creates your Habits

“All bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you.” — Zig Ziglar

Bad Habits have a way of seeping in and becoming entrenched into our mindset. A plant root has the ability to grow in and through anything. The longer is sustains and is unnoticed, it wraps itself around anything in its path. The longer is is permitted to remain undisturbed, the more difficult it is to remove it. The plant root often leaves a path of destruction.

Bad Habits effect our success in much the same way. They start out appearing benign, resulting in a malignant cancer. We often excuse bad habits as our style or the way we are. We focus on what we are unable to accomplish rather then the root of the issue. Stop bad habits by creating good habits which promote our success and lead us to our goals. When good habits become entrenched in our mindset, they will promote success by holding us accountable to do the right thing at the right time to move us toward our goals.

  • What we think about becomes who we are
  • Who we associate with develops who we become
  • Why we do what we do identifies us with who we desire to be
  • Where we find ourselves determines the direction we are heading
  • When we decide to take action directs our successful outcome

We will always develop habits, choose today whether they are “GOOD HABITS” or “BAD HABITS”!

Business Coach Bob Reish

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